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A Company of Firsts

April 4, 2017 11:48 AM



To kick off the ProMat 2017 Show, Hoist Liftruck hosted a press conference on-site at McCormick Place to discuss their plans for their new terminal tractor line and to increase their electric product options.


On their executive team’s decision to allow ProMat attendees first dibs to receive the company’s news, Vice President of Business Development Stu Jacover noted, “ProMat’s a premier material handling show for the industry…so there’s really not a better place for us to launch our announcements.”


“Hoist Liftruck is a company of firsts [dating] back to our lineage with Elwell-Parker, who made numerous innovations in the electric material handling industry,” said Jacover. Hoist Liftruck’s long history of manufacturing and developing electric lift trucks are what laid the foundation for Hoist to continue growing their electric product line nearly 120 years later. 


The electric lift trucks in Hoist’s line are power-neutral, meaning Hoist customers are not limited by a power source. Hoist is an innovator in large, electric material handling vehicles and can be adapted to a variety of power sources including: Flooded Lead Acid, Fast Charge, Hydrogen fuel cell and Lithium Ion.


This week, Hoist Liftruck will roll out its first AC power-driven motor on the electric Lazer Series. Already an established lift truck in Hoist’s line, the AC motor will significantly reduce maintenance costs for customers. Another popular cushion tire product on the line, the FR Series extendable counterweight, will also offer an electric option this year, powered by an AC motor as well.


Pneumatic tire lift trucks on Hoist’s line will now offer an electric model as well as the cushion tire Lazer Series. The P-Series and Neptune Series will be available to customers in the first quarter of 2018. This is especially exciting because of Hoist’s partnership with Axletech on the launch of the electric P-Series, or the PE Series. The PE Series will have a capacity range from 22,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs. The PE Series will offer customers significantly lower emissions, lowered maintenance costs and unbeatable performance.


Hoist Liftruck will also be bringing on an electric version of the recently-launched Hoist T-Series terminal tractor. Due to overwhelming demand, the company will be following up their Tier 4 Final offering with the TE-Series in 2018.


Although Hoist Liftruck has always had a bit of “green” to their signature yellow lift truck coloring, the high-capacity lift truck manufacturer foresees major growth in their environmentally-friendly product offerings. For more information on the T-Series, Hoist’s “Going Green” project, or any additional information on our high-capacity lift trucks, please contact Stu Jacover at

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