Hoist Liftruck Financial Solutions


Top Reasons Why Businesses Finance Equipment

Hoist Material Handling Financial Solutions offers fast turnaround, exceptional service and flexible products that can be structured to match your cash flow. Fact is, financing is the way 8 out of 10 businesses acquire new equipment.

Low Monthly Cost

Financing provides use of the equipment at a low monthly cost with flexible structures. So, you pay as you use the equipment, and can align your equipment costs with your project needs.


Financing gives you the ability to upgrade or add equipment if your business demands that you have the latest technology or if your needs change.


With 100% plus equipment financing, you’re free to spend cash on other items such as personnel, materials, and supplies, needed to build your business.

Fixed Payments

Payments are locked in now, avoiding the risk of inflation in the future.

Preserves Credit

Financing doesn’t tie up lines of credit, so you have more available credit when you need it.

Flexible Payment Structures

Payment plans can be structured to meet your specific cash flow needs.

Tax Benefits

You can deduct monthly payments on true leases as an operating expense.


Getting the best value for your money is easier than you think with hoist MATERIAL HANDLING financial solutions.

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