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Hoist at The Battery Show

September 12, 2017 10:34 AM

Hoist Liftruck spoke to their Next Generation of Hoist Electric and the alternating current power that will drive them, and the company, into the future of electric technology during the first day of The Battery Show. 


Already firmly established in the high-capacity forklift manufacturing industry, Hoist released the first-ever electric lift truck to run with an AC drive motor on its product line back in April 2017. The Lazer Series was, until recently, Hoist’s only electric-powered high-capacity lift truck, run with a DC drive motor. As of April 2017, though, customers can choose between Lazers with either AC or DC drive motors. 


Beginning Quarter 1 2018, Hoist Liftruck will offer four additional electric models in their product line as a part of the Next Generation of Hoist Electric - the TE-Series, PE-Series, Neptune Electric Series and FR-E Series. The Lazer Series will also be included in the Next Generation, but only with models that include AC drive motors.


Hoist Liftruck’s roots in the electric-powered high-capacity forklift industry run deep, with the company planning to continue expanding their electric-powered forklift and terminal tractor offerings. For over 120 years, Elwell-Parker, and now, Hoist Liftruck, have manufactured electric-powered material handling vehicles for customers everywhere, positioning themselves as the #1 OEM of large capacity (15,000 lbs. and above) electric forklifts in the world. In the last year, Hoist Liftruck saw its best numbers yet with large, electric-powered forklifts and was #1 industry-wide in its category, so expanding electric offerings was the next logical step for the business.


For more information on the Next Generation of Hoist Electric, or any additional information on our high-capacity lift trucks, please contact Stu Jacover at

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