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Hoist Liftruck Enters Terminal Tractor Business

March 6, 2017 08:00 AM

Hoist Liftruck has officially entered the terminal tractor business. Already firmly established in the high-capacity forklift manufacturing industry, Hoist plans to start building the Hoist T-Series terminal tractors in the second quarter of 2017.


Designed to move semi-trailers within cargo yards, distribution centers, warehouse facilities, and intermodal facilities, the Hoist T-Series will further expand sales and establish Hoist in new industries. Many of the components of the Hoist T-Series will be supplied by existing Hoist vendors such as Cummins and AxleTech. Other components will be sourced from reputable Indiana manufacturers such as Allison and Hendrickson, further supporting the local economy.


Along with the rest of Hoist Liftruck's production, the Hoist T-Series will be manufactured in-house at the state-of-the-art 550,000 sq ft. East Chicago, Indiana facility. The terminal tractor will be manufactured on a dedicated assembly line and necessitate an increase in the company's workforce. As it has from the onset of the move, the city of East Chicago will continue to provide a talented labor force for the ever-growing needs of Hoist.


The Hoist T-Series will combine durability, innovation, efficiency, and performance for an overall improved user experience. Hoist's terminal tractor will include Hendrickson Air Suspension, providing superior comfort, improved handling, reduced maintenance costs, and an overall outstanding ride. The Hoist T-Series features lower operating costs, as well as less strain on the drivetrain and chassis thanks to our Patent-Pending 5th Wheel Vertical Lift.


Customers can continue to expect Hoist Liftruck's industry best lead times, as already evidenced by the cushion tire line's 12-14 week delivery versus competitor's delivery of up to a year. Hoist estimates at least 5 terminal tractors manufactured at the Midwest facility per day, with plans on increasing production in the near future.

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