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Hoist Liftruck to Utilize Alternating Current in Electric Lift Trucks

April 10, 2017 08:00 AM


The first AC-powered Lazer has rolled off of Hoist Liftruck’s East Chicago, IN assembly lines making the Lazer Series one of the largest commercially available electric forklifts utilizing AC technology. 


Lazer Models are available in capacities ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 lbs., or 7-18 tonnes. Historically only offered as DC-powered, Hoist customers now have the option to choose between either DC- or AC-powered versions, as Hoist will still produce the DC version of the Lazer.


Hoist Liftruck’s extensive experience in electric lift truck manufacturing, dating back 120 years, has included many industry firsts. Alternating Current, or AC-powered lift trucks were initially more widely available in Europe, but only in smaller capacity forklifts as the emerging technology was further developed. With the AC Lazer, Hoist Liftruck became one of the first manufacturers worldwide to offer AC power in high-capacity electric lift trucks, culminating in the Lazer E400 with a 40,000 Lb. [18144 kg] load rating.


The AC Lazer offers Hoist customers reduced maintenance costs and increased efficiency. The AC motors eliminate the parts and labor costs associated with changing brushes as required with DC motors. Additionally, AC motors generate less heat as they can dissipate directly from the motor enclosure during operation, while DC motors produce heat internally, reducing performance and longevity due to overheating. AC drive systems require fewer components as directional contactors are no longer required, further reducing maintenance and replacement part costs. AC motors can also be more finely tuned and have the ability to handle higher peak currents when compared to their DC counterparts, leading to greater reliability, higher life expectancy, and better performance.


With both AC- and DC-powered Lazer models in current production, the popular FR Series, of extendable counterweight lift trucks, will soon include an AC option as well. While maintaining it’s high torque hydrostatic powertrain, it the AC version of the FR will offer customers an alternative to LP or gasoline, starting Quarter 3 of this year.


In addition to our existing electric Lazer Series, the Neptune Series, FR Series, P-Series, and Hoist T-Series, all traditionally internal combustion, or IC, powered product, will also be offered in electric models, rolling out of Hoist Liftruck assembly lines Quarter 1 2018.

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