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Hoist T-Series Ready for Delivery

November 27, 2017 08:00 AM


Hoist Liftruck’s highly anticipated entry into the terminal tractor market is completed with the launch of the Hoist T-Series from their dedicated assembly line in Hoist’s East Chicago, IN facility. Since first announcing their intentions of entering the terminal tractor business back in March, Hoist has signed numerous dealers nationwide eager to include the Hoist T-Series terminal tractor in their fleets.


Dealers and customers alike have taken note of Hoist’s innovative design, production capacity and special introductory financing plans. The Hoist T-Series features a patent pending 4-point boom with Vertical Lift Path, as well as a Hendrickson air suspension and the most robust powertrain available, including a military grade AxleTech drive axle. The Hoist T-Series is offered in both off-road and DOT versions and as part of the Next Generation of Hoist Electric, an AC-powered version of the terminal tractor, the TE-Series, will be launched in 2018.


“We’re excited to raise the bar with our Hendrickson Air Ride suspension featuring standard roll over protection that is currently not offered anywhere in the market space,” said Marty Flaska, Founder of Hoist Liftruck. The terminal tractor line is a venture outside of the company’s usual high-capacity lift trucks, although some of their products have worked hand-in-hand with terminal tractors in port environments. Hoist’s container handlers, including the HRS Reach Stacker, LCH Loaded Container Handler and ECH Empty Container Handler, currently assist in transporting containers throughout ports, as well as intermodal and industrial operations. The Hoist T-Series can further expand Hoist’s port presence as well as give dealers a “one-stop shop” solution.


The terminal tractor manufacturer is currently taking orders for their terminal trucks, with 2017 deliveries still possible. Customers can expect the same best in class lead times available for all Hoist Liftruck equipment, 6-8 weeks on standard equipment. The Hoist T-Series’ dedicated assembly line has provided increased capacity allowing Hoist to fill the large number of pre-orders as well as the additional orders being placed as full production draws near.


Tours of the new dedicated assembly line are currently being offered, and dealers and customers alike are encouraged to come to the East Chicago, IN facility and see the Hoist T-Series come together firsthand and meet the team behind these well-designed trucks. Tours can be scheduled through the Hoist sales team by sending an email to

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