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New Hoist Liftruck loaded container handlers to operate at Portsmouth Marine Terminal at Port of Virginia

May 7, 2015 08:20 AM

U.S. manufacturer Hoist Liftruck has announced that five of its LCH Series loaded container handlers have been put into operation within the Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) at The Port of Virginia in Norfolk.

The loaded container handlers, also known as laden container handlers or top-loaders, will help build cargo velocity at PMT and improve its throughput. Additional units for PMT are currently in production.

“As cargo volumes at PMT continue to build, it became clear that we needed to add solid cargo conveyance equipment and do so in fairly short order,” said Joe D. Harris, The Port of Virginia’s spokesman. “Hoist [Liftruck] was able to fulfill our needs and now we are beginning to see improved throughput.”

Closed for nearly three years, the 287-acre PMT reopened its cargo operations last September, including its 30-acre container operation that is expected to process between 75,000 and 100,000 containers annually. The terminal is owned by the Virginia Port Authority (VPA) and operated by Virginia International Terminals, LLC (VIT).

The LCH Series handles 20-, 40- or 53-foot containers up to 90,000 lbs. (41 tons) with stacking heights up to six containers. The LCH Series also features excellent all-around visibility with an elevated cab position, angled overhead window and wide-view mast. The unique mast design provides improved durability and reduced torsional stress. The high-performance Cummins diesel engine is powerful, yet offers reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Features such as variable pumps adjust oil flow accordingly to provide quicker lifting cycles while also reducing fuel consumption.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with VPA, VIT and Dougherty Equipment Company to supply our loaded container handlers for Portsmouth Marine Terminal,” said Marty Flaska, president and owner of Hoist Liftruck. “It’s great to see the terminal reopen, as well as see the overall activity at The Port of Virginia significantly increase. We look forward to working with their team and seeing more Hoist Liftruck units at the port.”

For more information on the LCH Series and our other products, please contact Hoist Liftruck at 708.458.2200 or You can also visit our website at

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